Plovdiv Cup 2013

2 x National Dog Show’s rank C.A.C. in Plovdiv Cup 2013, 13 – 14 April 2013

On 13 and 14 of April, 2013 in Plovdiv the 2nd National Exhibition rank CAC will be held.
Location: „Tsar Simeon’s Garden“
Star at 10:30 am

Registrations open at 09:00 amJudges: Coming soon

Application Deadline: April 08, 2013

Donations for participation:
First dog not less than 35 BGN
Second and each subsequent not less than 30 BGN
Infants, adolescents, and veterans of not less than 30 BGN
Please note that as per request of the International Federation of Cynology signing up for competitions must be done in advance, in regard to publication of the catalogs for participation. The entry fee is 10 BGN for participating in the competitions:
Best Pair – male and female dogs of one breed, one owner.
Best Breeding group – At least three dogs, one breed, bred from the same kennel.
Best progeny group – male or female dog with its progeny, at least from two mothers /for males/ or from two fathers /for bitches/. Among the progeny there should be dogs from both sexes. Minimum number of progeny – 5.
* All dogs participating in the contests must have undergone evaluation in the ring. The evaluation received must be at least ‘good’Entry

Donations are made on the day of the exhibition.

Two CAC titles resulting form two shows in one week gives you the opportunity to claim the title „Champion of Bulgaria“.
The above applies to young dogs in junior class for the title „Junior Champion of Bulgaria“ also.

There is Online Entry Form on the web site .
Coming soon more information.


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